Saturday, 17 August 2013

1 grey pencil skirt + navy blue dye = 1 GREY mini skirt

I made this skirt a about a month ago now, it was an old skirt of my Mums and I thought it would make an excellent pencil skirt for work.

However, I found the colour quite difficult to work with and wasn't that sure what to wear with it. I also found it didn't look good with black tights which is an issue for me as when I'm at work I'm always cold and need thick tights. I decided the answer was to dye it navy blue and then it would more versatile.

Following my Mums advice, I bought a dye that was to be done in a bowl or sink instead of the washing machine, got a ton of salt and put on my marigolds. I mixed up the dye in the kitchen sink and put the skirt in and started stirring it around with my hands for about 2 minutes. I then realised that my right hand felt wet, pulled off the glove only to find my hand had turned a colour between cobalt blue and navy blue. It took a lot of scrubbing, nail polish remover, bleach and several layers of skin being removed through a load more scrubbing, before my hand looked a softer, slightly more acceptable shade of blue. Worst of all the skirt didn't even pick up the dye and it is still grey but now with a few splodges at the bottom...

So, to save this project and make it into something I will actually wear, I decided to turn it into a cute little mini skirt that I can't wait to wear on my holiday in Menorca (2 weeks today)!

This is the result, hope you like.

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